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Posts published in “Disaster Resistant Buildings”

Disaster means occurrence of uncontrolled, painful and serious conditions. There are various natural disasters like:
Volcanic eruptions
Tsunami (a long high sea wave generated by an earthquake)
Earthquakes, cyclone and fire needs special considerations in building design and construction since they are more frequent, widespread and more disastrous. In this chapter this aspect of building design and constructions are discussed.

IS Codes for Building Design

The following codes help engineers to design buildings: 1. IS 456–2000. It is code of practice for the design of plain and reinforced concrete. It…

Disaster Rescue and Relief Measures

Disaster rescue and relief means taking steps to face the distress situation after the disaster has taken place. Volunteer groups, police force or military teams…

Disaster Mitigation

Disaster mitigation means minimizing the painfulness which occur due to disaster. After the disaster the people face the following problems: 1. Shelters are completely or…

Disaster Preparedness

At all levels of civil administration committees are established and responsibilities and urgently required finance entrusted. At national level Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of…

Early Warning System

Space technology plays an important role in efficient mitigation of disaster. Indian Meteorological Department has developed a four stage warning system for a cyclone. The…

Disaster Prevention Strategy

Construction of dams can prevent flood havoc. Identify the rivers and construct dams to regulate flow of water during heavy rainfalls. Floods in many areas…

Fire Resistant Building

It is reported that in USA fire kills more people each year than all other natural disasters combined including floors, cyclones and earthquake. The fire…

Cyclone Resistant Buildings

A cyclone is a storm accompanied by high speed whistling and howling winds. It brings torrential rains. A cyclone storm develops over tropical ocean and…