The definition and functions of foundation have been given in chapter 6. In this chapter broad guidelines for fixing the dimensions of foundation are given and different types of foundations are explained.

  • Photo of Foundations in Black Cotton Soil

    Foundations in Black Cotton Soil

    Black cotton soil swells during rainy season and cracks in summer due to shrinkage. These shrinkage cracks are 100 mm…

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  • Photo of Pile Foundations

    Pile Foundations

    These foundations are known as deep foundations. A pile is a slender column made of wood, concrete or steel. A…

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  • Photo of Arch Foundation

    Arch Foundation

    Inverted arch foundations are provided in the places where the SBC of the soil is very poor and the load of…

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  • Photo of Grillage Footing

    Grillage Footing

    High rise buildings are built with steel columns encased in concrete. Such columns carry very heavy load and hence they…

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  • Photo of R.C.C. Footings

    R.C.C. Footings

    There are mainly two types of R.C.C. footings: 1. One way reinforced footings. 2. Two way reinforced footings. 1. One…

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  • Photo of Conventional Spread Footings

    Conventional Spread Footings

    This type of foundations are commonly used for walls and masonry columns. These foundations are built after opening the trenches…

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  • Photo of Dimensions of Foundation

    Dimensions of Foundation

    Guidelines for minimum dimensions are given below: (a) Depth of Foundation: For all types of foundations minimum depth required is…

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