Miscellaneous Building Materials

Glass, plastics, bitumen, asbestos, paints, distemper and varnishes are some of the miscellaneous materials used in building constructions. Their properties and uses are briefly presented in this chapter.

  • Photo of Roofing and Flooring Tiles

    Roofing and Flooring Tiles

    These are also clay products like brick but are thin. Depending upon their use, building tiles may be further classified as…

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  • Photo of Solid and Hollow Concrete Blocks

    Solid and Hollow Concrete Blocks

    Solid and hollow concrete blocks are manufactured in factories to meet the requirements of building blocks in cities and towns.…

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  • Varnishes

    Varnish is the solution of resins or resinous substances like amber, copal, shellac, gum resin etc. in solvents like oil,…

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  • Distempers

    Distempers are the cheaper variety of paints in which chalk is used as base and water is used as a…

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  • Paints

    Paints are applied on the surfaces of timber, metals and plastered surfaces as a protective layer and at the same…

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  • Asbestos

    Asbestos is a general name for several varieties of fibrous minerals which are available in nature. But presently, most of…

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  • Photo of Bitumen


    Ashalt, bitumen and tar are referred as bituminous materials, which are essentially hydrocarbon materials. The asphalt is a mixture of inert…

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  • Plastic

    Plastic is an organic material prepared out of resin. It may or may not contain fillers, plasticisers and solvents. Plastic may…

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