Traditional Materials

  • Uses of Timber

    Timber is used for the following works: 1. For heavy construction works like columns, trusses, piles. 2. For light construction…

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  • Preservation of Timber

    Preservation of timber means protecting timber from fungi and insects attack so that its life is increased. Timber is to…

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  • Photo of Defects in Timber

    Defects in Timber

    Various defects which are likely to occur in timber may be grouped into the following three: (i) Due to natural…

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  • Photo of Seasoning of Timber

    Seasoning of Timber

    This is a process by which moisture content in a freshly cut tree is reduced to a suitable level. By…

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  • Properties of Timber

    Properties of good timbers are: Colour: It should be uniform. Odour: It should be pleasant when cut freshly. Soundness: A…

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  • Photo of Classification of Timber

    Classification of Timber

    Various bases are considered for the classification of timbers. The following are the important basis: (i) Mode of growth (ii)…

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  • Timber

    Timber refers to wood used for construction works. In fact the word timber is derived from an old English word ‘Timbrian’…

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  • Uses of Cement

    Cement is used widely for the construction of various structures. Some of them are listed below: (i) Cement slurry is…

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