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Tag: Admixture Miscellaneous Admixtures

There are many miscellaneous concrete additives for use as pumping aids and as dampproofing, permeability-reducing, gas-forming agents. Pumping aids are used to decrease the viscosity of harsh or marginally pumpable mixes. Organic and synthetic polymers, fly ash, bentonite, or hydrated lime may be used for this purpose. Results depend on concrete mix, including the effects of increased water demand and

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Tag: Admixture Chemical and Mineral Admixtures

Chemical admixtures used in concrete generally serve as water reducers, accelerators, set retarders, or a combination. ASTM C494, ‘‘Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete,’’ contains the following classification: High-range admixtures reduce the amount of water needed to produce a concrete of a specific consistency by 12% or more. Water-Reducing Admixtures These decrease water requirements for a concrete mix by chemically reacting

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