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Tag: Air Entrainment Air entrainment Effective use

Parameters of relevance in the production of serviceable concrete are: air content, spacing, specific surface, allowance for strength loss and interaction with cementitious materials. Before discussing these aspects in more detail, it must be noted that air entrainment does not enhance the performance of concrete made with aggregates susceptible to significant deterioration in freeze-thaw conditions (American Concrete Institute, 1994). Air

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Tag: Air Entrainment Air entrainment Concept

Traditionally, enhanced durability of concrete is associated with reducing the water/cement ratio. This has some benefit in the case of freezing and thawing by reducing the free water content, which reduces the amount of water available for ice formation. However, the improved microstructure, consequent on lowering the water/cement ratio, may restrict the movement of water and cause stress build-up. Air

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Tag: Air Entrainment Admixtures

The ACI 318 Building Code requires prior approval by the engineer of admixtures to be used in concrete. Air Entrainment. Air-entraining admixtures (ASTM C260) may be interground as additives with the cement at the mill or added separately at the concrete mixing plant, or both. Where quality control is provided, it is preferable to add such admixtures at the concrete plant so that the

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