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Tag: ASTM General Information on ASTM Specifications for Masonry Units

Definitions of terms are given in ASTM C1180 (Standard Terminology of Mortar and Grout for Unit Masonry) and in ASTM C1232 (Standard Terminology of Masonry). General Information on ASTM Specifications for Clay or Shale Masonry Units ASTM specifications for clay or shale masonry units are summarized below: • ASTM C62: Building Brick (Solid Masonry Units Made from Clay or Shale) • ASTM C216:

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Tag: ASTM Repetitive Loadings

Most structural damage to steel bridges is the result of repetitive loading from trucks or wind. Often, the damage is caused by secondary effects, for example, when live loads are distributed transversely through cross frames and induce large out-of-plane distortions that were not taken into account in design of the structure. Such strains may initiate small fatigue cracks. Under repetitive loads, the cracks grow.

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