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Tag: cement composites Cement composites Terminology

A number of subject specific terms are useful in order to discuss concisely frc structure and behaviour. The term frc itself can refer to either fibre-reinforced cement or fibre-reinforced concrete. There are a number of distinctions between the two. The first normally refers to thin-sheet material produced with high cement content (often 1:1 by weight with fine aggregate but occasionally

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Tag: cement composites Physical and chemical characteristics of cement composites

The aim of this chapter is to provide information on aspects of the internal characteristics of concrete that relate to concrete durability. Pertinent chemical and physical characteristics, particularly those involving pore solutions and pore structures, are discussed in some detail, as these most closely affect most durability concerns. Concrete is an unusual engineering material. Unlike most engineering materials it is

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Tag: cement composites Durability of concrete and cement composites

The purpose of this book is to bring together a series of reviews on topics of current relevance to the durability of concrete and cement-based composites. One might reasonably ask why such a book is now believed to be needed as concrete and related materials have been used with outstanding success in major construction projects for well over two thousand

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