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Tag: Column Column Splices

Column-to-column connections are usually determined by the change in section. In general, a change is made at every second floor level, where a shop or field splice is located. From an erection viewpoint, as well as for fabrication and shipment, splices at every third floor may be more economical because of the reduced number of pieces to handle. This advantage is partly offset by

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Tag: Column Column Base Plates

AISC ASD Approach. The lowest columns of a structure usually are supported on a concrete foundation. To prevent crushing of the concrete, base plates are inserted between the steel and concrete to distribute the load. For very heavy loads, a grillage, often encased in concrete, may be required. It consists of one or more layers of steel beams with pipe separators  between them

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Tag: Column Elastic Flexural Buckling of Columns

A member subjected to pure compression, such as a column, can fail under axial load in either of two modes. One is characterized by excessive axial deformation and the second by flexural buckling or excessive lateral deformation. For short, stocky columns, Eq. (3.48) relates the axial load P to the compressive stress ƒ. After the stress exceeds the yield point of the material,

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