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Tag: Combined Footing Design of Combined Footings by Elastic Line Method

The relationship between deflection, y, at any point on an elastic beam and the corresponding bending moment M may be expressed by the equation The equations for shear V and reaction q at the same point may be expressed as where x is the coordinate along the length of the beam. From the basic assumption of an elastic foundation The classical

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Tag: Combined Footing Design of Combined Footings by Rigid Method (Conventional Method)

The rigid method of design of combined footings assumes that 1. The footing or mat is infinitely rigid, and therefore, the deflection of the footing or mat does not influence the pressure distribution, 2. The soil pressure is distributed in a straight line or a plane surface such that the centroid of the soil pressure coincides with the line of action of

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Tag: Combined Footing R.C.C. Footings

There are mainly two types of R.C.C. footings: 1. One way reinforced footings. 2. Two way reinforced footings. 1. One Way Reinforced Footing: These footings are for the walls. In these footings main reinforcements are in the transverse direction of wall. In longitudinal directions there will be only nominal reinforcement. 2. Two Way Reinforced Footings: For columns two way reinforced

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