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Tag: Composite Aspects of the mechanical behaviour of brittle matrix composites

In order to discuss the time-dependent changes in the behaviour of frc, it is necessary to introduce in broad terms the concepts used to describe the mech- anical behaviour of such composites in general. This is because degradation often does not just involve simply a change in the value of a single property, e.g. strength, but often involves a change in the mode of

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Tag: Composite Vibration of composite floor structures

In British Standard 6472, ‘Evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings (1 Hz to 80 Hz)’, the performance of a floor structure is considered to be satisfactory when the probability of annoyance to users of the floor, or of complaints from then about interference with activities, is low. There can be no simple specification of the dynamic properties that would make a

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Tag: Composite Composite Construction

In composite construction, rolled or built-up steel shapes are combined with reinforced concrete to form a structural member. Examples of this type of construction include: (a) concrete-encased steel beams (Fig. 7.37c), (b) concrete decks interactive with steel beams (Fig. 7.37a and b), (c) concrete encased steel columns, and (d) concrete filled steel columns. The most common use of this type of construction is for composite

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