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Materials and Manufacturing of Concrete Masonry Units Concrete masonry units are formed from zero-slump concrete, sometimes using lightweight aggregate. The concrete mixture is usually vibrated under pressure in multiple-block molds. After stripping the molds, the units are usually cured under atmospheric conditions in a chamber that is maintained at warm and humid conditions by the presence of the curing units. Atmospheric steam

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Tag: Concrete Masonry Units General Information on ASTM Specifications for Masonry Units

Definitions of terms are given in ASTM C1180 (Standard Terminology of Mortar and Grout for Unit Masonry) and in ASTM C1232 (Standard Terminology of Masonry). General Information on ASTM Specifications for Clay or Shale Masonry Units ASTM specifications for clay or shale masonry units are summarized below: • ASTM C62: Building Brick (Solid Masonry Units Made from Clay or Shale) • ASTM C216:

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