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Tag: Concrete Masonry How This Book Classifies Masonry Elements

In this book, masonry elements are distinguished first by strength design versus allowable-stress design, then by whether they are designed as unreinforced or reinforced, and finally by their structural function. Elements Designed by the Strength Approach Structural Design of Unreinforced Masonry Elements Nonbearing Elements • Unreinforced panel walls Bearing Elements • Unreinforced bearing walls with eccentric gravity load • Unreinforced

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Tag: Concrete Masonry Concrete Masonry Units

A wide variety of manufactured products are produced from concrete and used in building construction. These include such items as concrete brick, concrete block or tile, concrete floor and roof slabs, precast wall panels, precast beams, and cast stone. These items are made both from normal dense concrete mixes and from mixes with lightweight aggregates. Concrete blocks are made with holes through them to reduce

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