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Tag: contract Construction Introduction to the form of the contract

During this final stage of the design phase, all of the previous effort is transformed into documents that will form the basis for the construction contract. When this stage is completed, the contractor, or contractors, can be selected, after which the work involved in procuring and assembling the physical parts can begin. The term contract can refer either to the

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Tag: contract The contract documents

A contract is an agreement between two parties which they intend to be legally binding with respect to the obligations of each party to the other and  their liabilities. The contract thus binds the contractor to construct the works as defined, and the employer to pay for them in the manner and timing set out. As civil engineering works are often complex,

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Tag: contract Roles of the key participants in a construction contract

Aconstruction contract is made between two parties only – ‘the Employer’ and ‘the Contractor’. Their roles are defined in the contract. However, because there is a need for day-to-day supervision of civil engineering construction, the two parties may agree that a third person should carry out such duties. This third person can have varying powers under the contract and this is reflected in his designation.

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