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Tag: contractors Procedures under selective tendering

If an employer is not subject to any of the restrictions outlined in the previous section, he may make a selected list of contractors from those who have served him satisfactorily in the past or those recommended to him. However, for public authorities in the EC, EC rules will apply for contracts above a certain value as described in the Section 6.2, and elsewhere

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Tag: contractors Roles of the key participants in a construction contract

Aconstruction contract is made between two parties only – ‘the Employer’ and ‘the Contractor’. Their roles are defined in the contract. However, because there is a need for day-to-day supervision of civil engineering construction, the two parties may agree that a third person should carry out such duties. This third person can have varying powers under the contract and this is reflected in his designation.

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Tag: contractors Developments in the later 1980s

During the 1980s, as competition between civil engineering contractors for jobs in the UK intensified, contractors tended to reduce their margins for profit and risks in order to gain work. Consequently a contractor getting a job with low margins had to protect his position by making sure he billed the promoter for every matter he was entitled to charge for

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