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Tag: Coulomb’s earth pressure theory Coulomb’s Earth Pressure Theory for Sand for Passive State

PASSIVE STATE In Fig. 11.18, the notations used are the same as in Fig. 11.17. As the wall moves into the backfill, the soil tries to move up on the pressure surface AB which is resisted by friction of the surface. Shearing stress on this surface therefore acts downward. The passive earth pressure P is the resultant of the normal

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Tag: Coulomb’s earth pressure theory Lateral Earth Pressure Theory

There are two classical earth pressure theories. They are 1. Coulomb’s earth pressure theory. 2. Rankine’s earth pressure theory. The first rigorous analysis of the problem of lateral earth pressure was published by Coulomb in (1776). Rankine (1857) proposed a different approach to the problem. These theories propose to estimate the magnitudes of two pressures called active earth pressure and

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