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Tag: Curtain Walls Example of Strength Design of a Reinforced Curtain Wall

A curtain wall of standard modular clay units spans 20 ft between columns, and is simply supported at each column. It has reinforcement consisting of W4.9 wire each face, every course. The curtain wall is subjected to a wind pressure w = 20 lb/ft2. Design the curtain wall. As an initial assumption, use fm′ = 2,500 lb/in.2. Referring to Table

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Tag: Curtain Walls Background on Curtain Walls

In the first part of the structural design section of this book, we began with the design of panel walls, which can be designed as unreinforced masonry, and which span primarily in the vertical direction to transmit out-of-plane loads to the structural system. Panel walls are nonload bearing masonry, because they support gravity loads from self-weight only. At this point,

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