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Tag: Damp Methods of Damp Proofing

Various methods of damp proofing are as given below: 1. Providing D.P.C. course 2. Providing cavity walls 3. Surface treatment 4. Integral treatment 5. Guniting and 6. Pressure grouting. 1. Providing damp proof course: It consists of providing a damp proof course between the source of dampness and building component. The DPC may be with any water repellant material like

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Tag: Damp Requirements of an Ideal Material for Damp Proofing

The requirements of an ideal materials for damp proofing are: 1. It should be impervious. 2. It should be flexible. 3. It should be easy to carry out leak proofing joints. 4. It should be stable. 5. It should be durable. It’s life should be as much as the life of building itself. 6. It should resist the load safely.

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