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Tag: Dampness Requirements of an Ideal Material for Damp Proofing

The requirements of an ideal materials for damp proofing are: 1. It should be impervious. 2. It should be flexible. 3. It should be easy to carry out leak proofing joints. 4. It should be stable. 5. It should be durable. It’s life should be as much as the life of building itself. 6. It should resist the load safely.

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Tag: Dampness Ill-Effects of Dampness

Ill-effects of dampness are as listed below: 1. Patches develop and destroy the appearance of the building. 2. Colour wash, white wash and paintings are damaged. 3. Plaster crumbles. 4. Bricks and stones disintegrate endangering the building. 5. Steel in the slabs and beam start rusting. It reduces the life of structure. 6. Electric short circuits may takes place. 7.

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