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Tag: Dead Loads Dead Loads

Dead loads are gravity loads of constant magnitudes and fixed positions that act permanently on the structure. Such loads consist of the weights of the structural system itself and of all other material and equipment permanently attached to the structural system. For example, the dead loads for a building structure include the weights of frames, framing and bracing systems, floors,

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Tag: Dead Loads Design Loadings

Bridges must be designed to carry the specified dead loads, live loads and impact, as well as centrifugal, wind, other lateral loads, loads from continuous welded rail, longitudinal loads and earthquake loads. The forces and stresses from each of these specified loads should be a separate part of the design calculations. Also, because rail cars have changed in size and weight over the years

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Tag: Dead Loads Building Occupancy Loads

Safe yet economical building designs necessitate application of reasonable and prudent design loads. Computation of design loads can require a complex analysis involving such considerations as building end use, location, and geometry. Building Code–Specified Loads Before initiating a design, engineers must become familiar with the load requirements of the local building code. All building codes specify minimum design loads. These include, when applicable, dead,

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