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A good roof is dependent upon the structural integrity of the deck and compatibility of the deck with the roof covering and other materials attached to it. Following are descriptions of commonly used decks. Cementitious wood-fiber panels are composed of treated wood fibers that are bonded together with portland cement or other binder and compressed or molded in flat panels. These panels provide some

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For most truss members, the percentage of total stress attributable to dead load increases as span increases. Because trusses are normally used for long spans, and a sizable portion of the dead load (particularly on highway bridges) comes from the weight of the deck, a lightweight deck is advantageous. It should be no thicker than actually required to support the design loading. In the

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Hot-rolled, wide-flange steel shapes are the most commonly used members for multistory steel-framed construction. These shapes, which are relatively simple to fabricate, are economical for beams and girders with short to moderate spans. In general, wide-flange shapes are readily available in several grades of steel, including ASTM A36 and the higher-strength ASTM A572 and A992 steels. Interfacing with mechanical ductwork

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