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Tag: earthquake damage Earthquake damage in historical mosques

Among the historical mosques surveyed, Düzce Merkez, 600-year-old Imaret, 500-year-old Kadi, 300-year-old Sarachane, and 200-year-old Yildirim Bayezid mosques observed to suffer significant structural damage after the 1999 earthquakes (Dognagun and Sezen, 2012). The Yıldırım Bayezid mosque was originally built in 1382 and was burned down in the 19th century. A new structure was constructed after the fire, and it was severely damaged during a

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Tag: earthquake damage Observed earthquake damage

The Figure 6 shows the damage distribution for the mosques and minarets surveyed. Damage distribution for RC mosques and minarets are presented in Figures 6c and 6d separately. Comparison of Figures 6a and 6c indicates that the damage in RC mosques was less as compared to other structural systems. More than ten percent of the mosques surveyed collapsed. Three of the 26 mosques surveyed

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