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Tag: ellipsoids Surveying Worked example in transforming between ellipsoids

This example shows how the geographical co-ordinates of a station can be converted from one system to another, following the method given in Section 8.4. In this case, the initial co-ordinates are quoted in the ETRS89 system, so are based on the WGS84 ellipsoid; and they are to be converted to the Airy ellipsoid, whose position and orientation was defined

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Tag: ellipsoids Geoids and ellipsoids

8.1 Definition of the geoid The purpose of engineering surveying is to find the relative positions of points in three dimensions; so a 3D co-ordinate system is needed to record the findings. The one absolute direction which can always be found is ‘up’, using nothing more sophisticated than a plumb bob. For this reason alone, it makes sense to define

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