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Tag: Excavation Controlling excavation

The base of an excavation has usually to be trimmed level and cleared of disturbed or loose material so that it forms a solid base for concrete foundations, pipes or earthworks, etc. Specifications often call for the last 100 mm of excavation to be ‘carried out by hand’ – a costly procedure for the contractor which he usually seeks to avoid. The resident engineer

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Tag: Excavation Some problems of billing

Excavation Apart from excavation by dredging or for ‘cuttings’; the CESMM distinguishes only between ‘excavation for foundations’ and ‘general excavation’ (listed in that order). However, the more logical order should be adopted of billing general excavation to a stated level (the ‘final surface’ for that item) followed by excavation for foundations below the ‘final surface’ for the general excavation. This can result in items

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