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Tag: Expansion Joints Tile Installation Methods

Installation of ceramic tile should be in accordance with the appropriate specification in the A108 series of the American National Standards Institute, depending   on the type of setting compound used. Specifications for materials commonly used for setting and grouting the tile are given in the series A118. These materials include portland-cement mortar, dry-set or latex portland-cement mortar, organic adhesive, and chemical-resistant, water-cleanable, tile-setting and

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Tag: Expansion Joints Elimination of Expansion Joints in Highway Bridges

At expansion bearings and at other points where necessary, expansion joints should be installed in the floor system to permit it to move when the span deflects or changes length. If apron plates are used, they should be designed to bridge the joint and prevent accumulation of dirt on the bridge seats. Preferably, the apron plates should be connected to the end floorbeam. For

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