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Tag: Floor Setting out floor levels

Acarpenter’s spirit level should not be used for setting out the level of anything more than incidental work. It is not sufficient, in conjunction with a straight edge for instance, for getting a floor screed uniformly level. It is difficult to get concrete floors uniformly level to an accuracy better than 5 mm, and a contractor  should always be warned when greater accuracy

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Tag: Floor Causes of Dampness

Dampness may be caused by: (a) Ground water (b) Rain water and (c) Leakages from pipes. (a) Dampness due to Ground Water: All buildings are founded on soils. Soil holds water for a long time. Sometimes water level may rise and come in contact with foundation. Due to capillary action moisture from ground rises into foundation, floor and even in

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Tag: Floor Flooring

Purpose of flooring is to get a good hard, level and beautiful surface for living. The floors directly resting on the ground are known as ground floors while the floors of each storey are known as upper floors. Ground Floor Apart from giving good finished surface, these floors should have good damp resistance. The ground surface is rammed well and a layer of

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