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Tag: Foundations Permanent Wood Foundations

Plywood and lumber walls are an alternative to concrete for foundation walls for one-story and multistory houses and other light-frame buildings. Main components of a wood foundation wall are plywood, 5⁄8 in or more thick, and wood studs, spaced 12 in or more on centers, both pressure-treated with preservative (Fig. 10.25). Some advantages of a wood foundation over concrete are faster construction, because there is

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Tag: Foundations Improving Earthquake Resistance of Small Buildings

The earthquake resistance of small buildings may be increased by taking some precautions and measures in site selections, building planning and constructions as explained below:   1. Site Selection: The building constructions should be avoided on (a) Near unstable embankments (b) On sloping ground with columns of different heights (c) Flood affected areas (d) On subsoil with marked discontinuity like

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