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Tag: Frame Computation of Reactions Problems and Solutions

Determine the reactions at the supports for the frame shown in Fig. 3.20(a). Solution Free-Body Diagram See Fig. 3.20(b). Static Determinacy The frame is internally stable with r =3. Therefore, it is statically determinate. Support Reactions Example 3.7 Determine the reactions at the supports for the beam shown in Fig. 3.21(a). Solution Free-Body Diagram See Fig. 3.21(b). Static Determinacy The

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Tag: Frame Wood-Frame Construction

This is the predominant method for building single- and multifamily dwellings. Wood-frame buildings can be erected speedily and are economical to build. For  wood framing, the walls are conventionally built with studs spaced 16 or 24 in c to c. Similarly, joists and rafters, which are supported on the walls and partitions, are also usually spaced 16 or 24 in c to

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Tag: Frame Continuous Beams and Frames

Fixed-end beams, continuous beams, continuous trusses, and rigid frames are statically indeterminate. The equations of equilibrium are not sufficient for the deter mination of all the unknown forces and moments. Additional equations based on a knowledge of the deformation of the member are required. Hence, while the bending moments in a simply supported beam are determined only by the loads and the span, bending

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