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Tag: Frames Introduction Continuous Beams And Slabs, And Beams In Frames

The definition of ‘continuous composite beam’ given in Eurocode 4: Part 1.1[12] is: A beam with three or more supports, in which the steel section is either continuous over internal supports or is jointed by full strength and rigid connections, with connections between the beam and each support such that it can be assumed that the support does not transfer

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Tag: Frames Forces in Statically Determinate Beams and Frames

Similar to the method of sections for trusses discussed in Art. 3.30, internal forces in statically determinate beams and frames also may be found by isolating a portion of these systems. A section should be chosen so that it will be possible to determine the unknown internal forces from only equations of equilibrium [Eq. (3.11) or 3.12)]. As an example, suppose that the

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