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Tag: FRC Microstructural aspects related to frc durability

The properties of all frc are controlled to some degree by the interface between the fibres and the matrix, and the microstructural characteristics of this region have a significant impact on durability. Many investigators have studied this region using scanning electron and optical microscopy and their findings are summarised in the major reference sources (Majumdar and Laws, 1991, pp. 143±163,

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Tag: FRC Production methods for frc

Production methods for frc fall into three main categories: pre-mix, spray-up and automated processes. Pre-mix simply uses normal concrete mixing technology, with pre-chopped fibres added to the mix in the same way as any other constituent. This method tends to be used where only low fibre volumes are required, i.e. for fibre reinforced concrete. As Vf exceeds about 1±2% depending

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Tag: FRC Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (FRC)

Plain concrete possesses deficiencies like low tensile strength, limited ductility and low resistance to cracking. The cracks develop even before loading. After loading micro cracks widen and propagate, exposing concrete to atmospheric actions. If closely spaced and uniformly dispered fibres are provided while mixing concrete, cracks are arrested and static and dynamic properties are improved. Fibre reinforced concrete can be defined as a composite

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