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Tag: Highway Bridges Elimination of Expansion Joints in Highway Bridges

At expansion bearings and at other points where necessary, expansion joints should be installed in the floor system to permit it to move when the span deflects or changes length. If apron plates are used, they should be designed to bridge the joint and prevent accumulation of dirt on the bridge seats. Preferably, the apron plates should be connected to the end floorbeam. For

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Tag: Highway Bridges Fracture Control

Fracture-critical members are treated in the AASHTO LRFD Specifications and in the AASHTO ‘‘Guide Specifications for Fracture Critical Non-Redundant Steel Bridge Members.’’ A fracture-critical member (FCM) or member component is a tension member or component whose failure is expected to result in collapse of the bridge or the inability of the bridge to perform its function. Although the definition is limited to tension

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Tag: Highway Bridges Basic Allowable Stresses for Bridges

Table 11.16 lists the basic allowable stresses for highway bridges recommended in AASHTO  ‘‘Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges’’ for ASD. The stresses are related to the minimum yield strength Fy , ksi, or minimum tensile strength Fu, ksi, of the material in all cases except those for which stresses are independent of the grade of steel being used. The basic stresses may

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