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Tag: HVAC Control of Computerized HVAC Systems

Control of HVAC systems ranges from simple thermostat ‘‘on-off’’ control to control by sophisticated electronic and computerized systems. Many variations of electronic and computerized systems are available for system control and energy management. Programmable Thermostats. These are available for control of the total environment. They provide energy savings and improved comfort levels and are widely  utilized to control many types of commercial

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Tag: HVAC Major Factors in HVAC Design

This article presents the necessary concepts for management of heat energy and aims at development of a better understanding of its effects on human comfort. The concepts must be well understood if they are to be applied successfully to modification of the environment in building interiors, computer facilities, and manufacturing processes. Significance of Design Criteria Achievement of the desired performance of any HVAC system,

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Tag: HVAC Definitions of Terms of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Adiabatic Process. A thermodynamic process that takes place without any heat being added or subtracted and at constant total heat. Air, Makeup. New, or fresh, air brought into a building to replace losses due to exfiltration and exhausts, such as those from ventilation and chemical hoods. Air, Return (Recirculated). Air that leaves a conditioned spaced and is returned to the air conditioning equipment

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