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Tag: Iron Corrosion of Iron and Steel

Corrosion of ferrous metals is caused by the tendency of iron (anode) to go into solution in water as ferrous hydroxide and displace hydrogen, which in turn combines with dissolved oxygen to form more water. At the same time, the dissolved ferrous hydroxide is converted by more oxygen to the insoluble ferric hydroxide, thereby allowing more iron to go into solution. Corrosion, therefore, requires

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Tag: Iron Types of Irons and Steels

Steel is a solution of carbon in iron. Various types of steel are produced by varying the percentage of carbon added to molten iron and controlling the cooling, which affects the atomic structure of the product, and hence its properties. Some of the structural changes can be explained with the aid of an iron-carbon equilibrium diagram (Fig. 4.2). Iron-Carbon Equilibrium Diagram The iron-carbon equilibrium

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