• Photo of Design Loads

    Design Loads

    Loads are the external forces acting on a structure. Stresses are the internal forces that resist them. Depending on that manner…

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  • Photo of Design Loadings

    Design Loadings

    Bridges must be designed to carry the specified dead loads, live loads and impact, as well as centrifugal, wind, other lateral…

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  • Nominal Loads

    The nominal loads for design should be according to the applicable code or specification under which the structure is designed or…

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  • Photo of Member and Connection Design for Lateral Loads

    Member and Connection Design for Lateral Loads

    Wind loads on steel structures are determined by first establishing the pressure distributions on structures after considering the appropriate design wind…

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  • Photo of Forces in Frames Subjected to Lateral Loads

    Forces in Frames Subjected to Lateral Loads

    The design loads for wind and seismic effects are applied to structures in accordance with the guidelines in Arts. 9.2 to…

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  • Photo of Determination of Wind Loads

    Determination of Wind Loads

    Wind loading as described in Art. 9.1 is the basis for design wind loads specified in ‘‘Minimum Design Loads for Buildings…

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  • Photo of Hollow Structural Sections

    Hollow Structural Sections

    Design criteria for round and rectangular hollow structural sections (HSS) used as structural members in buildings is given by AISC…

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  • Photo of Compression


    Compressive forces can produce local or overall buckling failures in a steel member. Overall buckling is the out-of-plane bending exhibited…

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