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Tag: Longitudinal shear Resistance of composite slabs to longitudinal shear

For profiled sheeting that relies on frictional interlock to transmit longitudinal shear, there is no satisfactory conceptual model. This led to the development of the shear-bond test, described in Section 2.8.1, and the empirical ‘m-k’ method of design, where the shear resistance is given by an equation based on (2.33), in the British code or on equation (2.32), in Eurocode 4. With the

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Tag: Longitudinal shear Methods of analysis and design

The purpose of this section is to provide a preview of the principal methods of analysis used in this volume, and to show that most of them are straightforward applications of methods in common use for steel or for concrete structures. The steel designer will be familiar with the elementary elastic theory of bending, and the simple plastic theory in which the

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