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Tag: Magnitude Moments of Forces

A force acting on a body may have a tendency to rotate it. The measure of this tendency is the moment of the force about the axis of rotation. The moment of a force about a specific  point equals the product of the magnitude of the force and the normal distance between the point and the line of action of the force.

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Tag: Magnitude Principles of Forces

The concept of force is an important part of mechanics. Created by the action of one body on another, force is a vector, consisting of magnitude and direction. In addition to these values, point of action or line of action is needed to determine the effect of a force on a structural system. Forces may be concentrated or distributed. A concentrated force is

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Tag: Magnitude Magnitude and Intensity

Magnitude is a quantitative measure of the actual size of the earthquake. Professor Charles Richter proposed the scale of magnitude that goes from 0 to 9. It is a geometric scale. Now this scale is known as Richter scale. It is obtained from the seismograph. It depends on waveform amplitude on epicentral distance. It is denoted by letter M followed

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