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Tag: Mat Foundation Design of Mat Foundations by Elastic Plate Method

Many methods are available for the design of mat-foundations. The one that is very much in use is the finite difference method. This method is based on the assumption that the subgrade can be substituted by a bed of uniformly distributed coil springs with a spring constant ks which is called the coefficient of subgrade reaction. The finite difference method

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Tag: Mat Foundation Design of Mat Foundation by Rigid Method

In the conventional rigid method the mat is assumed to be infinitely rigid and the bearing pressure against the bottom of the mat follows a planar distribution where the centroid of the bearing pressure coincides with the line of action of the resultant force of all loads acting on the mat. The procedure of design is as follows: 1. The

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Tag: Mat Foundation Safe Bearing Pressures for Mat Foundations on Sand and Clay

Mats on Sand Because the differential settlements of a mat foundation are less than those of a spread foundation designed for the same soil pressure, it is reasonable to permit larger safe soil pressures on a raft foundation. Experience has shown that a pressure approximately twice as great as that allowed for individual footings may be used because it does

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