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Tag: metal Porcelain Enamel on Metal

Low-temperature softening glasses must be employed, especially with sheet metal, to avoid the warping and distortion that would occur at high temperatures. To obtain lower softening temperatures than would be attainable with high-silica glasses, boron is commonly added. Fluorine may replace some of the oxygen, and lead may also be added to produce easy-flowing brilliant enamels; but lead presents an occupational health hazard. Composition of

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Tag: metal Concrete Fill on Metal Deck

The most prevalent type of floor deck used with steel frames is concrete fill on metal deck. The metal deck consists of cold-formed profiles made from steel sheet, usually having a yield strength of at least 33 ksi. Design requirements for metal deck are contained in the American Iron and Steel Institute’s ‘‘Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members.’’ The concrete fill

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Tag: metal Copper

It is a naturally available metal in the form of ores which contain small amount of iron and sulphur. After removing impurities, it is processed electrolytically to get purest metal. This metal is almost indestructible. Copper scrap can be processed to get original copper. Properties of Copper 1. It is having reddish brown colour. 2. Its structure is crystalline. 3. It

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