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Tag: Meyerhof Bearing Capacity of Foundations Subjected to Eccentric Loads

Foundations Subjected to Eccentric Vertical Loads If a foundation is subjected to lateral loads and moments in addition to vertical loads, eccentricity in loading results. The point of application of the resultant of all the loads would lie outside the geometric center of the foundation, resulting in eccentricity in loading. The eccentricity e is measured from the center of the

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Tag: Meyerhof General Bearing Capacity Equation

The bearing capacity Eq. (12.6) developed by Terzaghi is for a strip footing under general shear failure. Eq. (12.6) has been modified for other types of foundations such as square, circular and rectangular by introducing shape factors. Meyerhof (1963) presented a general bearing capacity equation which takes into account the shape and the inclination of load. The general form of

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