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Tag: Moment Moment-Distribution Method

The moment-distribution method is one of several displacement methods for analyzing continuous beams and rigid frames. Moment distribution, however, provides an alternative to solving the system of simultaneous equations that result with other methods, such as slope deflection. (See Arts. 3.36, 3.37, and 3.39.) Moment distribution is based on the fact that the bending moment at each end of a

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Tag: Moment Calculation of Reactions in Statically Determinate Systems

For statically determinate systems, reactions can be determined from equilibrium equations [Eq. (3.11) or (3.12)]. For example, in the planar system shown in Fig. 3.66, reactions R1, H1, and R2 can be calculated from the three equilibrium equations. The beam with overhang carries a uniform load of 3 kips / ft over its 40-ft horizontal length, a vertical 60-kip concentrated

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Tag: Moment Shear, Moment, and Deformation Relationships in Beams

The relationship between shear and moment identified in Eq. (3.72), that is, V = dM/dx, indicates that the shear force at a section is the rate of change of the bending moment. A similar relationship exists between the load on a beam and the shear at a section. Figure 3.26b shows the resulting internal forces and moments for the portion

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