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International Nickel Co., New York: ‘‘Nickel and Nickel Alloys.’’ Albert Hoerson, Jr.: ‘‘Nonferrous-clad Plate Steels,’’ Chap. 13 in A. G. H. Dietz, ‘‘Composite Engineering Laminates,’’ M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass. PLASTICS The synonymous terms plastics and synthetic resins denote synthetic organic high polymers, all of which are plastic at some stage in their manufacture. Plastics fall into two large categories—thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.

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Nickel is resistant to alkaline corrosion under nonoxidizing conditions but is corroded by oxidizing acids and oxidizing salts. It is resistant to fatty acids, other mildly acid conditions, such as food processing and beverages, and resists oxidation at temperatures as high as 1600F. Monel is widely used in kitchen equipment. It is better than nickel in reducing conditions like warm unaerated acids, and better

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