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Tag: OSC USGS Regression Equations

While measured flows provide the best data for design purposes, it is not practical to gage all rivers and streams in the state. A set of equations have been developed by the USGS to calculate flows for drainage basins that do not have a streamflow gage. The equations were developed by performing a regression analysis on streamflow gage records to

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Tag: OSC Drainage Basin

The size of the drainage basin is one of the most important parameters regardless of which method of hydrologic analysis is used. To determine the basin area, select the best available topographic map or maps which cover the entire area contributing surface runoff to the point of interest. Outline the area on the map or maps and determine the size

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Tag: OSC General Hydrology

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Olympia Service Center (OSC) Hydraulics Branch uses several methods of determining runoff rates and/or volumes. Experience has shown them to be accurate, convenient, and economical. The following methods will be discussed in detail in subsequent sections of this chapter 1. The Rational Method 2. The Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph (SBUH) Method 3. Published

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