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Tag: Partial shear connection Resistance to sagging bending

 Cross-sections in Class 1 or 2 The methods of calculation for sections in Class 1 or 2 are in principle the same as those for composite slabs, explained in Section 3.3.1, to which reference should be made. The main assumptions are as follows: the tensile strength of concrete is neglected; plane cross-sections of the structural steel and reinforced concrete parts of a

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Tag: Partial shear connection Resistance of composite slabs to sagging bending

The width of slab considered in calculations, b, is usually taken as one metre, but for clarity only a width of one wavelength is shown in Fig.3.2. The overall thickness hs is required by Eurocode 4 to be not less than 80 mm; and the thickness of concrete above the ‘main flat surface’ of the top of the ribs of the sheeting, to

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