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Tag: Personal Errors Errors in Plane Table Surveying

The errors may be grouped into the instrumental and personal errors. Instrumental Errors 1. The surface of plane table not perfectly plane. 2. Bevelled edge of alidade not straight. 3. Sight vanes of alidade not perfectly perpendicular to the base. 4. Plane table clamp being loose. 5. Magnetic compass being sluggish. 6. Drawing sheet being of poor quality. Personal Errors

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Tag: Personal Errors Errors in Chaining

Errors in chaining may be classified as: (i) Personal errors (ii) Compensating errors, and (iii) Cumulating errors. Personal Errors Wrong reading, wrong recording, reading from wrong end of chain etc., are personal errors. These errors are serious errors and cannot be detected easily. Care should be taken to avoid such errors. Compensating Errors These errors may be sometimes positive and

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