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Tag: Piping Piping for Indirect Wastes

Certain wastes like those from food-handling, dishwashing (commercial), and sterile- materials machines should be discharged through an indirect waste pipe. This pipe is not directly connected with the building drainage pipes. Instead, it discharges waste liquids into a plumbing fixture or receptacle from where they flow directly to the building sanitary drainage system. Indirect-waste piping is generally required for the discharge from rinse sinks and

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Tag: Piping Layout of Waste Piping

Sanitary sewer systems should be sized and laid out to permit use of the smallestdiameter pipes capable of rapidly carrying away the wastewater from fixtures without clogging the pipes, without creating annoying noises, and without producing excessive pressure fluctuations at points where fixture drains connect to soil or waste stacks. Such pressure changes may siphon off the liquid seals in traps and force sewer gases

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