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General properties of thermosetting plastics are described in Art. 4.68. Following are properties of several thermosetting plastics used in buildings: Phenol Formaldehyde. These materials provide the greatest variety of thermosetting molded plastic articles. They are used for chemical, decorative, electrical, mechanical, and thermal applications of all kinds. Hard and rigid, they change slightly, if at all, on aging indoors but, on outdoor exposure, lose

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Tag: Plastic Molding and Fabricating Methods for Plastics

Both thermosetting and thermoplastic molding materials are formed into final shape by a variety of molding and fabricating methods. Thermosetting materials are commonly formed by placing molding powder or molded preform in heated dies and compressing under heat and pressure into the final infusible shape. Or they are formed by forcing heat-softened material into a heated die for final forming into the hard infusible

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Plastic is an organic material prepared out of resin. It may or may not contain fillers, plasticisers and solvents. Plastic may be defined as a natural or synthetic organic material which are having the property of being plastic at some stage of their manufacture when they can be moulded to required size and shape. Shellac and bitumen are the natural resins used as

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