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Tag: plywood Plywood Finishes

Available with a large variety of surface veneers, including plastics, plywood is nailed directly to framing members or furring. Small finish nails, such as 4d, should be used, with a spacing not exceeding 6 in. All edges should be nailed down, intermediate blocking being inserted if necessary. The plywood should also be nailed to intermediate members. When joints are not to be covered, the

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Tag: plywood Wood Facades

Wood is often applied on low buildings as an exterior finish in the form of siding, shingles, half timbers, or plywood sheets. Siding may be drop, or novelty; lap, or clapboard; vertical boarding or horizontal flush boarding. Drop siding can combine sheathing and siding in one piece. This type of siding consists of tongued-and-grooved individual pieces that are driven tightly up against each other

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