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Tag: Poisson’s Ratio Poisson’s ratio (Dimensional stability)

The design and analysis of some types of structure require the knowledge of volume changes in concrete members subjected to external load. In this case, Poisson’s ratio is required, viz. the ratio of lateral strain to the axial strain resulting from an axial load. Figure 3.2 shows the trends of lateral, axial and volumetric strains as the level of stress

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Tag: Poisson’s Ratio Stress and Strain

Structural capacity, or ultimate strength, is that property of a structural member that serves as a measure of is ability to support all potential loads without severe cracking or excessive deformations. To indicate when the limit on load-carrying usefulness has been reached, design specifications for the various structural materials establish allowable unit stresses or design strengths that may not be exceeded under  maximum loading.

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Tag: Poisson’s Ratio Tensile Properties

The tensile properties of steel are generally determined from tension tests on small specimens or coupons in accordance with standard ASTM procedures. The behavior of steels in these tests is closely related to the behavior of structural-steel members under static loads. Because, for structural steels, the yield points and moduli of elasticity determined in tension and compression are nearly the

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