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Tag: Reinforcement Masonry Accessory Materials

Masonry accessory materials include reinforcement, connectors, sealants, flashing, coatings, and vapor barriers and moisture barriers. Each of these is described further below. Reinforcement Reinforcement consists of the following: • Steel deformed reinforcing bars meeting the requirements of ASTM A615 (billet steel) or A996 (rail and axle steel), or ASTM A706 (low-alloy weldable steel) • Joint reinforcement (ASTM A951) • Deformed

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Tag: Reinforcement Reinforcement: layouts and fibres

A variety of different fibres are used to reinforce concrete and the nature of their distribution throughout the concrete ± the layout ± has implications for the effectiveness of their reinforcing action. Fibres may be continuous (or `long’) or more commonly discontinuous (or `short’). They may also be aligned or randomly distributed in 2-D or 3-D (Fig. 9.1). Mixed fibre

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