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Tag: Slope Bearing Capacity of Foundations on Top of a Slope

There are occasions where structures are required to be built on slopes or near the edges of slopes. Since full formations of shear zones under ultimate loading conditions are not possible on the sides close to the slopes or edges, the supporting capacity of soil on that side get considerably reduced. Meyerhof (1957) extended his theories to include the effect

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Tag: Slope Effects of Roof Size, Shape, and Slope

Roof size and shape often dictate material and system selection. For example, if the roof is only 2 or 3 ft wide and several feet long, a system other than built-up roofing (BUR) would probably be easier to install than BUR. Roof slope is a major factor in determining the rate of flow of rainwater over a roof to a drainage outlet, and

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Tag: Slope Curved Beams

Structural members, such as arches, crane hooks, chain links, and frames of some machines, that have considerable initial curvature in the plane of loading are called curved beams. The flexure formula of Art. 5.5.10, ƒ = Mc/ I, cannot be applied to them with any reasonable degree of accuracy unless the depth of the beam is small compared with the radius of curvature. Unlike

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